A Soy Biodiesel Success Story

Your soybean checkoff investment funded the research that developed soy biodiesel – a fuel made from soybeans that can be used in any diesel engine. And now your investment is funding marketing efforts that are moving more soy biodiesel than ever before.
Today, nearly half of all soybean farmers use a biodiesel blend, but there’s still room to grow. If every farmer and rancher used B2, a 2% blend of soy biodiesel, it would use almost 48 million bushels of soybeans every year.

To find out more about soy biodiesel and how your soybean checkoff helped create and promote this amazing fuel, click on the links below.

Biodiesel Basics
Soy biodiesel is actually better for your engine than conventional diesel. Because it has a higher fuel lubricity, soy biodiesel can decrease wear-and-tear that can shorten your engine’s life or lead to equipment downtime. Even a two percent (B2) blend of soy biodiesel can increase fuel lubricity by up to 66 percent.

Biodiesel And Your Soybean Checkoff
In 1990, state soybean checkoff boards began funding soy biodiesel research. After it’s founding, USB followed suit. To this day, USB and state soybean checkoffs still fund almost all major soy biodiesel promotion and research. Many of these promotion efforts are focused on informing our fellow farmers and ranchers of the benefits of soy biodiesel. Because of these efforts, almost half of all soybean farmers now use soy biodiesel in their equipment. To find out what your state is doing to promote soy biodiesel, click here.


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